About Us

Our law office is among the leading law firms in the field of corporate law in commercial matters. The first part of our firm trademark is the word “lead”, which symbolizes the direction of clients in legal matters. The second part of the trademark denotes the countries we represent.

The name of the alliance includes the abbreviation of the names of the States, emphasizing that we offer local, international clients legal services in this region based on local experience and professionalism.

We bind together disparate facts and see beyond the obvious, because we exist beyond borders, and are dedicated to what we do – providing reliable and trustworthy legal advice.

Reliability, Confidence, Dedication

Lawyers at our Law Firm apply their many years of experience to implement rational ideas. We offer our clients a wide range of business law services. We specialize in providing services to entrepreneurs, banks and financial institutions, in the field of litigation and arbitration, in the public sector and the European Union, restructuring and bankruptcy, tax law, real estate and construction, IT and intellectual property, as well as in other areas of law6-.

At the same time, we highly value the needs of our citizen clients by providing an extensive list of legal services in the field of family, inheritance, land, housing and other branches of law, services to protect the interests of citizens in courts of all instances and state bodies.